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From automated keyword grouping to semantic content analysis, our main aim is to show the insights you are most probably missing.
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Smart Assistant set up your rank tracker with
10K+ keywords & 100+ groups in just 90 seconds
Smart Assistant set up your rank tracker with 10K+ keywords & 100+ groups in just 90 seconds
Why you spend hours to create a well-established rank tracking system?
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Quick Overview of Features
Quick Overview
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Unusual Metrics + Multiple Dimensions = Remarkable Insights
PixelRank: Pixel is a new rank
Most of the rank trackers focus on just tracking ranks. In 2019's Google, we have 4+ ads and lots of SERP features. Measuring performance without understanding pixels is a misguiding analysis. Therefore we measure pixel ranks just as keenly as keywords and other data
Visibility: Simple way to measure the success rate
Every tool has an interpretation of visibility. We only use keyword-level CTR calculation to give 100% to the first rank, then lower the visibility by changing CTR in each position, keeping it simple for better understanding
Weighted Calculations: More accurate metrics
You can't get the average rank of two keywords without weighing ranks by the search volume. The success of 10K & 1M searched keyword is not equal. That’s why we use weighted aggregation for Rank / PixelRank / Visibility
Estimated Calculations: Traffic and PPC value
Rank doesn’t matter without earning traffic. That’s why we calculate each rank with its own unique CTR model to estimate your potential traffic accurately. Then multiply this with CPC to show you PPC Value
Group-level Analysis: Find new gaps
As we automatically group your keywords by semantic categories, you can see which one shows excellent performance and which one has still room for improvement to fine-tune your strategy and reap optimum results
Page-level Analysis: Understand Your Impact
As SEO professionals, we play with pages yet trying to change ranks of keywords. To understand the impact of your efforts, you need to see how performance varies on every page and work accordingly
Bring Your Historical Rank Tracking Data from Any Tool
Just let us know about your account credentials or API key to migrate your data to bring your historical rank tracking data from any device. We can support this in different ways.
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